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Stay Compliant with CMS Medicaid Regulations! The 21st Century CURES Act requires all states to implement the use of Electronic Visit Verification for non-medical providers by January, 2019.

CareWhen Visit Schedule

CareWhen EVV now available from $49! Every home-care agency can benefit from ClockWork™—the industry's leading electronic visit verification software—which now supports smartphones and GPS location detection

CareWhen ClockWork with GPS verification

GPS Verification

CareWhen ClockWork with telephony verification


CareWhen ClockWork with electronic signature verification

Electronic Signature

Electronic Visit Verification with ClockWork!

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Home care agencies have relied on ClockWork for almost 15 years to:

  • Find out when caregivers arrive and leave the client's home.
  • Take corrective action when a caregiver is late.
  • Receive reports of tasks completed (or refused by the client).
  • Eliminate timesheet collection and data entry.
  • Bill home care clients, and pay caregivers, promptly and accurately.
  • Meet State Medicaid Waiver requirements.
  • Reconcile State payments with amounts claimed.
  • Home care aides use the client’s phone or a Mobile App on their Smart phones to clock in and out.
    The system verifies their "Caller ID" or “GPS”
  • Visit status is instantly updated.
  • You receive a text message when an employee is late.
  • Home Care aides report on tasks completed.
  • Home Care aides can leave voice messages for you.
  • You can record voice messages for one or more aides.
    Visits start and end on time. All tasks get done.
  • You can handle "no-shows" before the patient calls.
  • Employee hours get recorded—no need for time cards.
  • You can manage weekend and evening care.Field communications are improved.

ClockWork electronic visit verification is extremely cost effective for small and large agencies alike. It pays for itself many times over in client satisfaction, labor savings, and quality reputation.


Our EVV Solution:

CareWhen with ClockWork is your BEST choice for home care scheduling software and EVV.

Access home care scheduling features from anywhere. Available with mobile phone access and our proven ClockWork EVV technology. Built on Cloud technology for performance and "always on" reliability!

  • Schedule and monitor visits
  • Maintain home care client & caregiver info
  • Mobile access, mobile clock-in/out
  • Medicaid billing, claims (UB04, 1500).
  • Electronic verification (GPS, telephony)
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